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  33rd São Paulo
International Film Festival
  character animation
  project info  

A 10 year old project from the director and designer Amir Admoni, the openings for the São Paulo International Film Festival bring to life the arts created every year by guest directors and artists for the festival posters. People like Fellini, Abbas Kiarostami and Akira Kurosawa have already lent their hand in these 33 years of the festival.

This year, the guest artists are the world renowned graffiti duo "osgemos", whose work began in the streets of Cambuci in São Paulo.

We participated on the 2009 opening animating the very nice character created by the duo. Our biggest challenge was to preserve the unique aesthetics of the artwork in the moving image, and for that we counted on the direct consulting of the duo from their atelier in São Paulo.

The soundtrack is from the always surprising André Abujamra, and the executive production handled by Leon Cakoff.


Production: Leon Cakoff
Amir Admoni

Character Animation: Birdo
Animation Direction:
Luciana Eguti e Paulo Muppet
Animators: Pedro Eboli, William Iamazi Ferro, Rafael Gallardo
Assistant Animator:
Fernando Finamore

Compositing: Amir Admoni
Sound Design:
Andre Abujamra

Based on the original art from "OSGEMEOS"