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  Avatars Dance Book Covers
  creative direction, design, illustration
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Not every day we get a chance to work on a project as cool as this. MJ Locke, the science fiction writer that has already been described as " a bright light on the science fiction scene " by no one less than George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones), has comissioned Birdo to work on the book covers for the digital edition of her praised "Avatars Dance" trilogy.

We were given total creative freedom to choose the image that would better represent each book. Because of the stupendously rich and engaging universe MJ Locke weaves in her stories, this turned out to be a harder task than we have anticipated, there was so much to choose from! (Some of our early attempts and sketches are shown in our brief "making of" further below in this page.) In the end we were pretty happy with our choices and we hope the readers will be too.

Thanks to MJ Locke for this wonderful opportunity!

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Creative Direction: Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet
Illustrations: Rafael Gallardo
Design: Luciana Eguti and Rafael Gallardo