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  Coca-Cola i9
  storyboard, design, animation
  project info  

We have planned, designed and animated the characters for these two 15 seconds commercials produced by Vetor Zero for Coca-Cola's i9 drink. The process involved a lot of very funny rounds of character designs that we show in the "making of" section below. All characters in the film were animated by the Birdo team in 2D, while the backgrounds were filmed and the cars animated in 3D by the amazing team at Vetor Zero.

  making of: character design
  making of: storyboards and animatics

Production: Vetor Zero
Creative Direction: Gabriel Nobrega
Cinematography: Carlos Zalasik
Executive Producer: Alberto Lopes & Sérgio Salles
Client Contact: Paula Saraiva
Production Manager: Patrizia Fanganiello
2D Animation: Birdo
Animation Direction: Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet
Animation: Antonio Linhares, Fernando Finamore, Luciana Eguti, Paulo Muppet, Paulo Stoker, Pedro Eboli
Character Design: Pedro Eboli, Rafael Gallardo, Fernando Finamore
Production Assistant and Client Contact: Flávia Luz
3D Coordination: Danilo Enoki, Felipe de Mattos
Tracking: Renan Ambrosio, Danilo Enoki
Modelling: Marcos Smirkoff, Danilo Enoki
3D Animation: Danilo Enoki
Rendering: Felipe de Mattos, Igor Colaiacovo, Vanderlei Zafalon Junior
Compositing: Rafael Martinelli
Editing: Bruno Carelli
Music and Sound Design: Hilton Raw