52x11' | Comedy
Cartoon Network, TV Cultura

Co-production Birdo (Brazil) and Symbiosys (India)
Sales Contact:
Brenda Wooding, Kidglove

13 episodes delivered, 39 in production


'Oswaldo' follows the misadventures of a school-aged penguin who was adopted and raised by human parents and who must now face his biggest challenge  -- surviving school… which is way harder than it sounds, especially when you are an excitable, flat-out weird little guy whose brain is infused with useless pop-culture. Thankfully, this weirdest of penguins can count on Tobias and Leia the kind of friends who are there no matter what life throws at him – strict art teachers, rabid packs of babies, role-playing games gone awry, and even occasional rogue science fair projects. Which is pretty much what ‘Oswaldo’ would call a normal day.