Birdo is one of the most prolific creative studios in Brazil. Our animation work is present on every children-oriented broadcaster in the country and in a 196 other territories as well. We are based in São Paulo, the most populous city on the American Continent and a hub for creative people from all around the world.

OUR original series have leaded ratings in brazil for the last 3 years.

As a service studio, we are on par with the best production companies in the world, delivering high quality animation for global properties such as “Star Wars: Forces of Destiny” (Ghostbot/Lucasfilm) and “League of Legends” (Riot Games).

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We started back in 2005 when the animators Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet decided to create a studio dedicated to character animation with just two computers and a fax machine. Now the studio is over 60 amazing people, but our artist’s heart remain unchanged. Here, creativity and experimentation is as important as is meeting deadlines and planning ahead.

We value shared knowledge, independence and team spirit, And we believe good things come when you work hard.