Fresh Animation since 2005

Birdo started in 2005 when the friends and animation directors Luciana Eguti and Paulo Muppet joined forces to set up a studio dedicated to raising the bar on character animation in Brazil.

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Today Birdo is one of the leading players on the animation industry in Latin America, creating shows that engage audiences globally and offering full range animation services for clients such as Disney, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Our internal team of 60+ experienced artists, creators and producers work on every stage of an animation production, from new IPs development to promotion and licensing. 

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In the heart of São Paulo

Birdo is located in the heart of the São Paulo, the most populous city on the American Continent and also on all Southern Hemisphere. It's a vibrant and busy cultural center and a hub for creative people from all around the world.

Birdo is a part of the city's cultural scene with exhibitions, workshops, and lectures in animation related events such as Pixel Show, CCXP and Animamundi.


Talks and Awards

In 2014 Birdo won the national contest to create the Mascots of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio2016, Vinicius and Tom, who smashed all licensing records in the History of the Olympics. In 2015, Birdo was the first brazilian studio to speak at Pictoplasma,  the world's leading conference on character design, animation and culture. Our work has also been awarded on festivals such as Animamundi, Playgrounds, Clermont-Ferrand and many others.