2'30" | Short Film

Character Animation Production Services for Submarine

"In a Forest" drags the expectator towards an unexpected transformation from one reality to another. With the visual lexicon of a thriller, this film introduces an exciting chase through a forest that ends on a film set. During the chase, the audience's expectations are being challenged. This is a film about believing in an illusion.

Represented by major European distributor Pathé, "In the Forest" was chosen to appear before the blockbuster "The Last Airbender" in over 70 theaters in Europe. The film also won the award for "Best Dutch Animation" in the Playgrounds festival in the Netherlands in their first appearance at a festival. It was screened at major festivals such as SIGGRAPH Asia and Onedotzero in England.



A film by Fons Schiedon

Music and Sound Design by

Bram Meindersma

Animation Production Services

Birdo Studio

Produced by
Femke Wolting
Bruno Felix

Animation Direction

Luciana Eguti
Paulo Muppet


Antonio Linhares
Luciana Eguti
Paulo Muppet

Character Modelling

Luciana Eguti
Guilherme Pace

Character Setup

Guilherme Pace

Character Texturing and Shading

Luciana Eguti


Anne Buiter
Fabie Hulsebos

Directed and Designed by

Fons Schiedon

Compositing, Editing

Fons Schiedon


Warnier Studio
Arno Willemstijn

Special Thanks to

Pearl Brilmyer
David O Reilly
Arturio Martinez-Steele
Rebekka Ladewig
Luis "Guaia Guaia"
Stefan Minning's "Normality"