2'41" | Series Promo

Production Services for Nickelodeon International

Birdo produced and animated this short film for the 2013 Nickelodeon International Shorts Program. Created By Pedro Eboli and Graham Peterson, "Monster Pack" was one of the two winners on this year's amazing competition and we are very happy and proud to see it going forward!


Created and Directed by

Pedro Eboli & Graham Peterson

Written by

Pedro Eboli, Graham Peterson & Jason Ward

Storyboard and Character Design by

Pedro Eboli

Background Design by

Wesley Rodrigues
Rafael Gallardo

Animation by

Antonio Linhares
Beto Gomes
Fernando Finamore
Graham Peterson
Paulo Muppet
Pedro Eboli

Assistant Animation by

Camila Bremer
Thiago Soares
Rafael Gallardo

Colour Script by

Thiago Soares

Compositing by

Antonio Linhares

Voice cast

Josh Keaton as Morty
Scott Menville as Howard

Casting and Voice Direction by

Gene Vassilaros

Music by

Ruben Feffer

Sound Studio - Ultrassom Music Ideas

Sound Design and Mixing by

Bernardo Ets Goes
Carlos Paes

Post-Production by Ultrassom Music Ideas

Creative Consultant

Chris Savino

Consulting Producer

Suzanne Lang

Production Coordinators

Erika Marques
Matt Kilroy

Assistant Coordinator

Juliana Calazans


Luciana Eguti
Paulo Muppet

Assistant Producers

Flávia Luz
Thiago Minamisawa

Executive in Charge of Production

Alexi Wheeler

Executive Producers

Nina Hahn
Flavia Prats Feffer