10x1’, 7x3’, 5x7’ | Action-Comedy

Co-production Birdo, Cartoon Network, Pocket Trap

NINJIN is a character-driven, anime inspired, action comedy anima­ted series co-produced by the game studio Pocket Trap, Birdo Studio and Cartoon Network Brasil, taking place in the same uni­verse as the video game Ninjin: Clash of Carrots. The series features 22 episodes, divided in 3 different formats: ten 1-minute-long episodes, seven 3-minute-long episodes and finally a miniseries with five 7-minute-long episodes.

The strory is focused on NINJIN, a rabbit cub who only cares about one thing: becoming an ass-kicking ninja master, just like his ancestors used to be in the days of yore. Alongside his pals, the fran­tic fox AKAI and the lazy frog FLINK, they will not only train under an ELDER RABBIT SENSEI - the real screwball around those parts - but will also face the most absurd, insane and out of control situations.

Together, the gang will fight everything boring, mess around in the woods, smash in the arcade, party hard, and (almost) try to become legendary warriors - like those in their favorite comics -to face the evil SHOGUN menace!


Directed by

Fernando Finamore
Michele Massagli


Janaina Tokitaka
Victor Sarro

Storyboard Artist and Animatic

Érica Nagai
Gabriel Franklin
José Pistilli
Tiago Kogi

Stories and Created by

Fernando Finamore
Gabriel Franklin
Michele Massagli
Paulo Muppet
Rafael Gallardo
Thiago Soares


Leila Naomi
Mariana Jaspe

Executive Producers

Luciana Eguti
Paulo Muppet
Pedro Tourinho


Production Coordinator

Raquel Fukuda

Line Producer

Chris Parentoni

Production Assistant

Ana Bacaro

IT Analist

Victor Cardoso

Facility Manager

Elaine Souza

Art Director

Thiago Soares

Background Design and Props Design

Gui Milego
Jean Cavalcante
Victor Lemos

Assistant Director

Gui Milego

Character Design

Bia Leme
Gabriel Franklin
Rafael Gallardo

Animation Directors

Gahba Gomes
Paola Hiroki


Alexandre Tsukamoto
Gabriel Franklin
Gahba Gomes
Giovanna Ceneviva
Gui Milego
Joane Fernandes
Julia Simas
Julio G.P.
Luan Hilton
Paola Hiroki
Pedro Mendes
Pedro Puntel
Rafa Rosa


Fernando Rangel
Gabriel Camelo


Soundtrack, Voice Recording and Final Mix

Ultrassom Music Ideas

Voice Director And Casting

Alfredo Rollo

Original Voices

Anittinha - Anitta
Gatrick - Caio Guarnieri
Marshmelle - Lia Mello
Mauro - Nestor Chiesse
Rositcha - Patricia Pichamone
Estreller - Renner Souza
Renuvem - Robson Kumode
Juju Coral - Tarsila Amorim

Additional Music Production

Vitor Zafer

Music Assistant Producer

Rô Custódio

Recording and Mixing

André Tadeu
Carlos Paes

Recording Assistant

Alison Nasario

Recording Editing, Sound Design and Foley

Caio Gox
Fernando Recchia
Juliana Lopes

Executive Directors

Flavia Prats Feffer

Executive Producers

Erika Marques


Juliana Calazans

Assistant Producer

Raffaella Coimbra

Audio Post Production

Ultrassom Music Ideas

Director and Music Production

Ruben Feffer


Executive Directors

Daniel Trovejani
Renan Machado

General Producer

Carina Liberato

Executive Producers

Daniel Gofman
Márcia Oliveira

Press Office

Mattoni Comunicação


Executive Directors

Amanda Gomes
Marina Morena
Pedro Tourinho

Commercial Department

Manu Dias
Theo Mirrot

Artistic Production

Mariana Jaspe



Jefferson Junior
Umberto Tavares

Publishing Company

Som Livre
Universal MGB

Musical Production

Umberto Tavares

Record Company



Photography Direction

Raúl Tamayo

Camera Operator

Bruno Monteiro

Electrical Assistant

Damião de Oliveira
Jorge Pimentel

Camera Assistant

Kenneth Lacerda

Audio Technician

Leonardo Kraus


Beatriz Goldenberg