OSGEMEOS: Parallel Connection

30" | Short Film
Times Square NYC

Production Services for OSGEMEOS

We were invited by the famous Brazilian graffiti artists osgemeos to produce a short animation film named "Parallel Connection" that they created for the Midnight Moment project at Times Square NYC. Throughout August of 2015, the animation was displayed simultaneously in 45 huge screens across 5 blocks at Times Square NYC, 3 minutes before midnight. From the artist's website:

'Starts tomorrow from 11:57pm to midnight each night in August, we’ll be presenting an animation of our characters, in the middle of one of the most urban and emblematic places in the world: Times Square, NY.

"Parallel Connection" is the title of this new project that will be a part of the "Midnight Moment Project" presented by The Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC) and curated by Times Square Arts. Presented in partnership with Lehmann Maupin and production by Birdo Studio.

On its traditional billboards and newsstands, Times Square begins the countdowns at 23:57, and for three minutes it becomes a digital open-sky art gallery. Through that moment, we want to establish a conversation between the imagination and the physical world, connect people with joyful and magical aspects that each one has inside themselves through dreams'



Animation Production Services


Animation Directors

Paulo Muppet
Luciana Eguti


Luciana Eguti
Christiano Parentoni
Raquel Fukuda


Paulo Muppet
Gabriel Gomes
Pedro Mendes
Willian Fernandes
Rafael Rosa
Mika Takahashi
Zé Vaamonde


Paulo Muppet
Raquel Fukuda
Paola Hikori