Poor Us: An Animated History of Poverty

55' | Documentary
BBC, NHK, ABC, ZDF / Arte, Canal Futura

Character Animation Services for United Tricks Inc.

"Poor Us, an animated history of poverty" is a 55 minute documentary that brings an historical perspective on poverty around the world. The film was directed by Ben Lewis and produced by Submarine, with co-production by some of the world's most important broadcasters such as BBC, NHK, ABC, ZDF / Arte, among many others. Here at Birdo, we produced over 30 minutes of animation for the film, working under the direction of Fons Schiedon, who also directed the design team composed by Cesare Davolio and Maarten Janssens.

The film is part of the "Why Poverty" project and was broadcasted in 70 countries, generating knowledge and stimulating the debate about poverty on our planet.


Written and Directed by

Ben Lewis

Produced by

Femke Wolting
Bruno Felix

Edited by

Bert Hunger


Chris Dixon
Frank Lehmann
Martijn Van Beenen
Ben Lewis

Sound Recordists

Dave Curtain
Matt Legreca
Chris Amblin


Shaun Parkes

Original Music Composed and Performed by

Fons Merkies

Head of Animation and Storyboards

Fons Schiedon


Cesare Davolio
Maarten Janssens

Motion Graphics

Christiaan De Rooj
Amanda Nedermeijer

Animation Supervisors

Pedro Eboli
Luciana Eguti
Paulo Muppet


Gabriel Bittar
Filipe Cipolla
Thiago Soares


Henrique Barone
Bianca Beneduci
Thaigo Calçado
Rodrigo Estravini
Fernando Finamore
Rafael Gallardo
Beto Gomez
Flávia Guttler
Antonio Linhares
Marcos Maccarielo
David Mussel
Fernanda Ribeiro
William Saito
Cindy Shaw Yie
Paulo Stoker
Bruno Tedesco
Gustavo Teixeira

Animation Production Assistant

Flávia Luz

Motion Graphics Assistants

Irene Van Der List
Lisette Schröder

Line Producers

Janneke Van de Kerkhof
Ilja Roomans

Production Assistants

Anne Buiter
Roos de Ridder


Lies Janssen
Anne Geelen

Image Research

Willemien Ruys
Lieke Van De Ouwelant

Online Editor

Jouke Dubel

Colour Grading

Wouter Suyderhoud

Sound Design and Mix

Mark Glynne
Tom Bijnen