Poor Us: An Animated History of Poverty

55' | Documentary
BBC, NHK, ABC, ZDF / Arte, Canal Futura

Character Animation Services for United Tricks Inc.

"Poor Us, an animated history of poverty" is a 55 minute documentary that brings an historical perspective on poverty around the world. The film was directed by Ben Lewis and produced by Submarine, with co-production by some of the world's most important broadcasters such as BBC, NHK, ABC, ZDF / Arte, among many others. Here at Birdo, we produced over 30 minutes of animation for the film, working under the direction of Fons Schiedon, who also directed the design team composed by Cesare Davolio and Maarten Janssens.

The film is part of the "Why Poverty" project and was broadcasted in 70 countries, generating knowledge and stimulating the debate about poverty on our planet.