Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

18x2'30" | Action/Sci-Fi
Youtube, Disney XD

Production Services for Ghostbot / Lucasfilm

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is a series of shorts that shines a light on many of the heroines and heroes from the Star Wars franchise, throughout the entire timeline of this universe. The episodes explore even further the storylines of the main characters such as Rey, Padme, Leia, Ahsoka, and many more. Expect many action scenes, spaceships chasing, lightsaber fights and uses of the Force. Be aware there might be a spoiler or two!

Birdo produced seasons 2 and 3 under the direction of the amazing team at Ghostbot.


Executive Produced by

Dave Filoni
Carrie Beck

Based on STAR WARS created by

George Lucas

Supervising Director

Brad Rau

Directed by

Brad Rau

Written by

Nicole Dubuc


Jacqui Lopez
Diane Tateishi


Josh Rimes

Associate Production Manager

Danielle Witz


Ashley Eckstein
Taylor Gray
John Boyega
Jim Cummings
Matthew Wood
Mark Hamill
Lupita Nyong'o
Kiff VandenHeuvel
Shelby Young
Olivia Hack
Catherine Taber
Daisy Ridley
Tiya Sircar
Ritesh Rajan
Dee Bradley Baker
Billy Ray Chubbs


Lindsay Halper

Star Wars Forces of Destiny Theme & Score by

Ryan Shore

Original Star Wars Themes & Score by

John Williams

Lucasfilm CG Supervisor

Joel Aron

Senior Post Production Manager

Diane Caliva

Associate Editor

Nate Cormier

Lucasfilm Mastering

Michael Parkinson


Sean Wells

Production Coordinator

Danny Cepero

Development Coordinator

Jason Stein

Assistan to Dave Filoni

Claudia Anahí Ramirez

Vice Presidente Senior, Physical Production, Lucasfilm Ltd

Jason McGatlin

Vice Presidente Senior, Development, Lucasfilm Ltd.

Kiri Hart

Vice President, Post Production, Lucasfilm Ltd.

Pippa Anderson

Production Counsel, Lucasfilm Ltd

Naureen Z. Hoque

Lucasfilm Story Group

Steve Blank
Leland Chee

Senior Manager of Finance Animation

Christa Hulse

Lucasfilm Localization

Michael Kohn

Senior Production Accountant

Shalonda Ware

Production Accountant

Josie Huynh

Animation Production by Ghostbot, Inc

Ghostbot Executive Producer

Corrine Wong

Associate Producer

Udomphorn Rau

Production Assistant

Michelle Santoso

Animation Supervisor

Tatyana Drewry Carvin

Animation Lead

Aldo Kcomt

Productuon Designer

Roque Ballesteros

Art Director

Maritza Silvas


Natasha Sauls

Assistant Editor

Jim Lively

Character Designers

Angela Song Mueller
Will Nichols
Mindy Lee
Roque Ballesteros
Brad Rau
Maritza Silvas

Storyboard Artists

Elsa Garagarza
Jeff Johnson
Tiago Kogi
Adam Lucas
David Maximo
Christina Sotta
Jose Andres Velasco

Storyboard Assistant

Vickie Chau

Location Key Designers

Bradley Gake
Cynthia Ignacio

Location Key Painter

Mau Prada

Vehicle Designers

Sean Burke
Chris Glenn
Alan Lau
Maritza Silvas

Prop Designer

Sean Burke

Character Turnaraounds

Angela Song Mueller
Will Nichols
Roque Ballesteros
Tatyana Drewry Carvin
Thomas N Perkins IV

Modeling Lead

Natasha Sauls

Additional Animation Production by Birdo

Birdo Executive Production Executives

Luciana Eguti
Paulo Muppet

Birdo Production Team

Janaína Castro Alves
Ingrid Machado
Lígia Borba
Christiano Parentoni
Guilherme Milego
Raquel Fukuda

Character and Props Lead

Rafael Gallardo

Character and Props Artists

Elton Takumi
Katan Walker
Natacha Leonelo

Backgrounds Lead

Bruno Ishihira

Backgrounds Artists

Guilherme Yabu
Heitor Isoda
Rafa Nunes
Hendric Sueitt
Renato Leôncio
Kiira Onew

Additional Backgrounds

Leo Gibran
Artur Fujita
Psonha Camacho
Rodrigo Eller
Paulo Scabeni
Rodrigo Veras
Victor Caramenez
Agustin Nakamura
Paula Resende
Gabriel Infante
Daniel Rosini
Leon Zoccaratto
Allan Costa
Montalvo Machado
Wilson Panassi


Leo Bazilio
Rodrigo Ferreira
Odemilson Sconieczni

Animation Supervisors

Beto Gomez
Gabriel "Gahba" Gomes
Zé Vaamonde

Character Animators

Alexandre Katsumoto
Anderson Lister
André Dias
Andrew Gledson
Antonio Linhares
Breno Guerreiro
Bruno Curcino
Caio Feriotti
Camila Monart
Dazy Teodoro
Daniel Santana
Giovanna Ceneviva
Guilherme Guidetti
Joane Fernandes
Julia Simas
Luan Hilton
Lucas Pacheco
Matheus A C Magalhães
Paola Hiroki
Pedro Henrique Mendes
Pedro M. Filho
Pedro Puntel
Priscila Coelho
Victor Oliveira
Camila Bremer

FX Animators

Julio GP
Fernando Finamore

Comp Leads

Gabriel Camelo
Luciana Eguti

Comp Artists

Fernando Rangel
Giu Nishiyama

Comp Assistant

Paula Yuri Fujimoto

Production Assistant

Ana Bacaro

Technology Support

Victor Santos

Dialogue Recording Services by The L.A. Studios, Inc

Recording Engineer

Chris Cirino

Dialogue Editor

Carlos Sotolongo

Score Arrangements by

Fred Emory Smith
Luke Imbusch

Post Production Sound Services provided by Skywalker Sound, a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company, Marin County, California

Supervising Sound Editors

Matthew Wood
David Acord

Sound Designer

David Acord

Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Editor

Bonnie Wild

Sound Editor

James Spencer

Foley Artist & Editor

Frank Rinella

Foley Editor

Sara Shaw

Foley Artists

Ronni Brown
Margie O'Malley

Rights and clearances by

Entertaiment Clearances, Inc
Cassandra Barbour
Laura Sevier